Nether Winchendon House Wedding Photography – Preview

Nether Winchendon House is such an amazing venue for Wedding Photography. Vicky and Torsen could not have chosen a more photogenic location for their wedding – so many nooks and crannies and such dramatic landscape to photograph!

And I haven’t even mentioned the church yet… !

I’m so excited to share this wedding photography with you – they were a spectacular couple and the day was absolutely epic. So, in anticipation of a full post in a few weeks, here is a very small preview of what is to come…

Nether Winchendon House Wedding Photography by Pat KelmanNether Winchendon House Wedding Photography by Pat KelmanNether Winchendon House Wedding Photography by Pat Kelman

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  • Claudia Rose Carter - Beautiful Pat. Less is always more. Beautiful compositions – clean and simple and evocative. xxReplyCancel

    • Pat Kelman - Thank you so much Claudia! I’m really proud of these shots XReplyCancel

  • Katie de Silva - Beautiful pictures Pat, I’m sure the rest to follow are just as stunning. Yes, the first image is my favourite. For me it marks the end of a wonderful day which I think speaks through this picture. I also love the last shot and how you’ve captured the couple laughing and soaking up their time in the spotlight. I think the detail in the bridge reflects the style of their wedding and I love the contract with the couple and the environment. Great work Pat!ReplyCancel

  • Gaëtan Gaumy - Nice preview Pat! Beautiful picture, simple and moody, I like the way you are using perspective, especially in the second one with the “peer”. And I like your strong black and white contrats who add a kind of dramatic touch!ReplyCancel

    • Pat Kelman - Thank you Gaëtan – I absolutely adore your work so I’m very flattered!ReplyCancel

  • jonny - I’d bet if anyone showed me these I’d know they were shot by you Pat.. I’d put money on it. And that’s testament to your style and your unique sensitivity when composing an image. You have an old romantic soul Mr Kelman and it shows in your images. Your images connect the couple to you and the viewer with the story you’re showing xxReplyCancel

    • Pat Kelman - Almost brought a tear to my eye, Jonny! I’m so grateful for your lovely, thoughtful comment mate xReplyCancel

  • Paula - Lovely work. Love the emotion you caught when they were coming back down the aisle. And the bridge shot… awesome!ReplyCancel

    • Pat Kelman - Thank you so much Paula. Really grateful you’ve taken time to comment.ReplyCancel

  • Lucy Turnbull - These are so striking and dramatic.
    I especially like the feel of the last frame.
    It’s very human and smile making 🙂
    That first one is brilliantly brooding and a touch gothic.

    • Pat Kelman - Thanks Lucy – I’ve long admired your work and it’s lovely to receive your feedback. I’m very touched.ReplyCancel

  • Susie Lawrence - Gorgeous work Pat. It is simple and honest and beautiful and confident. The first image is made for me by the mowing pattern in the grass that leads the eye. The second I love the contrast between the manmade geometric bridge and the soft landscape behind. And the third is full of lovely light and emotion and I love the sense of movement in the congregation too. Looking forward to seeing more of this wedding.ReplyCancel

    • Pat Kelman - Thanks Susie – it’s so lovely to receive such a warm and generous comment. I hope to be sharing the rest of the images in a few weeks and I’ll let you know when I do 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Gary (aka Marshal Gray) - Signature work mate. Very simple, and very cinematic especially the first frame. There is an elegance to your work mate that I really value. Very excited for the full post. What I love about your work Pat is that you stay true to yourself. You know what you love and you photograph from that place. go man!ReplyCancel

    • Pat Kelman - Thanks so much G – I’m so grateful for all the feedback, support and inspiration you’ve given me over the last couple of years. You’ve encouraged me to grow and to find my voice. Thank you 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Marina - Lovely images. I really like the first one, it feels so cozy and warm. It seems likea he is telling her: ‘come on honey, let me take you home. I think it is my favourite out of the three. ‘ Beautiful second frame, I’m a fan of moody photos and I love high contrast in the black and whites. Nice colour in the last one, the composition is spot on and the use of light is great.ReplyCancel

    • Pat Kelman - Thanks Marina – I try to make pretty much all of my images tell a story, and I’m so grateful to hear that you’ve responded to that. Thank you xReplyCancel

  • Sarah - Love the top b&w photo – beautiful.ReplyCancel